The Shadow of Chaos

Session 10: The Torben Woods

Following his questioning of the party, Hazdron Vital confided in the party two troubles: firstly, that the colony was low on food, and, secondly, that if the people of the colony learned too soon what had happened, they would panic. He proposed that the party go hunting for food, alleviating the problem of provision and also prevent the colonists from learning from the party what is happening. Wilhelm offered that the party also journey to the nearby town of Gath, confirmed inhabited by Melentia, to negotiate a possible trade alliance.

The following morning, as the party ate, Alta Sor approached the party to thank them for what they were about to do and offer some negotiation advice. At the end, she also gifted the party an family heirloom – a magical sword – in the event they needed a show of strength to gain the respect of the residents of Gath.

Lilthic and Corsairiph sparred to try and discover the properties of the sword. After the sword dealt an unexpectedly harsh blow to Corsairiph, Lilthic allowed Wilhelm to use Identify to learn that the blade was a Scimitar of Sharpness.

In the early afternoon, the party began their treck to Gath, using Gilly's natural sense of direction and a barely serviceable map drawn by Marcellus of Tashyvar Island. Outside of Telos, the landscape was bleak. Brown, cold foothills of hard dirt rose out the ground, scarce in vegetation. Eventually, the party noticed the greenery of the Torben Woods in the distance. While small differences were present, the forest was relatively similar to one the party would have seen in the Material Land.

After winding through the forest to avoid the parts of the forest which was full of dense, strangely growing trees, brambled bushes, and a mysterious fog, the party reached a small river that flowed through the middle of the woods.

As the party began crossing the shallow river, three creatures resting beneath the sand of the riverbed attempted to latch onto, grapple, and start gnawing on the party member's legs. At the same time, a group of four giant owls began attacking the party from the sky. The owls darted down, clawing at the party's faces, and then back into the trees while the party dealt with the River Trappers that where trying to latch onto their legs. Ultimately, the River Trappers were killed and the party had dealt significant damage to the owls, already having killed one. The owls attempted to fly away. One was slower than the rest and run down by Lilthic. Corsairiph ran down the third, hoping not to loose the chance to get feathers and meat to sell back to the colony. He barely saw it through the trees as it fled. With one perfectly shot arrow, he pierced the owl through the chest, and the creature fell to the ground, dead.

The party gathered their spoils and made their way across the river to make camp and rest for the night.

Session 9: Questions and Finances
The Colony at Telos

Due to a poor first encounter, the party has been place under a light arrest by the humanoids who were transported to Telos following the activation of the first seed. To help clear up the misunderstanding and form trust, Donald suggested that Hazdron, a gnome cleric of Bane and an apparent leader of the colony,  cast a Zone of Truth spell and question them.

The following morning, Hazdron and Martin, one of the other two apparent leaders, entered the large foyer where the party was being held. Hazdron asked the party a series of questions. A few were meant to verify the story the party had told Alta, but for the most part, he seemed concerned with learning what the party knew about where they all were, why they all were here, why this had happened, and what the party intended moving forward.

After the questioning concluded, Hazdron deemed that the party was not a threat and welcomed them to become members of the colony. He then expressed two concerns: first, that there was not an ample food supply for the colony, and second, that if the colonists learned the truth right now, there would be panic and the fragile order in the colony would shatter. Regarding the later, he planned to sow rumors to prepare the people for the eventual truth. However, since the party would likely be the first place the colonists went to verify the rumors, their presence in the colony would prove  . . . troublesome.

Hazdron proposed that to remedy both concerns, he could hire the party to go out and hunt food for the colony. The party would be paid with a line of credit that Hazdron was keeping for the colony until the colony could find actual gold. Wilhelm gave the counter offer that the party, in addition to hunting, investigate a nearby town – the town of Gath, which is incidentally Marcellus' hometown - to see if a trade agreement could be struck between the two. 

Hazdron accepted this offer, and the two negotiated a price for completing the mission. Wilhelm also informed Hazdron that there were materials the colony could use in the Bunker and recommended it as perhaps a better and more defensible position for the colonists.

After a brief discussion over the price of the goods and what exactly payment under this line of credit meant, the party and Hazdron signed a contract (only Hazdron and Corsairiph signed) agreeing to these terms of payment.

The party, along with Martin, returned to the bunker to look for Melentia, acquire a bow for Corsairiph and show Martin the recommended location. Donald activated a trap the party had previously avoided and forgotten about, but otherwise, the journey was smooth. Melentia, however, was nowhere to be found. The party returned to the Temple of Tymora and Corsairiph found a note from her, stating that she no longer wanted the magic freezers and that she would be in touch. Gilly used Primeval Awareness to sense seven fey creatures about a half mile behind Neverind's tower, but the party decided not to seek Melentia out.

The remainder of the day passed rather uneventfully. Marcellus kept to himself, unless spoken to, and did not seem particualarly interested in talking about his home town, stating that he is nervous and afraid of what he might find, but determined to make the journey. The party rested in the camp for the evening, preparing to journey through the Torben Woods to the town a Gath.

Session 8: The Lesser Restoration

Following a less than cordial introduction to a colony of humanoids transported to Telos with the activation of the first seed, the party found themselves in detention. Alta, one of the leaders of the colony, had ordered the party's restraints be removed, but any other actions towards freedom would have to wait until the next day, when another of the leaders, Hazdron, could use Zone of Truth to verify the party's motives.

In the meantime, the party did nothing in particular. They simply sat about, watching as the colonists took salveagable materials from the rooms in the building in which the party was held, listened to what sounded like woodworking, laying of stones, and the noises of livestock. Around late afternoon, there was some commotion. Melissa checked outside, and saw what seemed to be a few injured being brought inside. Donald asked a guard to check on it and to offer Donald's services as a cleric. The guard returned, said their were some injuries, but the party was not needed.

The following morning, Wilhelm's bruising and stiffness had worsened. Donald offered to help, and cast Lesser Restoration upon the gnome. The bruising fadded, and Wilhelm's joints popped back into place. The spell was indeed a success.

About an hour after breakfast, the doors to the building opened, and Hazdron, followed by Martin, entered, ready for the questioning.

Session 7: Aggression and Misunderstanding

The Seed of Telos has been activated. Not entirely sure what had occurred, the party took a brief moment to heal and assess their injuries. Melentia was bent over on the ground, gasping for air and unable to speak for several minutes. When she was able, she said that she felt like half her body was being expelled. At the same time, however, the other half of her felt a sense of home. The was different now, she said, but at the same time, strangely familiar.

Wilhelm, on the other hand, was still covered in bruises that showed themselves as red, spidery veins. Additionally, he found it difficult to move; all of his joints were extremely stiff. When Donald completed a Prayer of Healing Wilhelm was healed physically of any damage, but the bruises and stiffness remained. Since he did not have the dexterity himself, he directed Lilthic to repair the companion cube.

With a little difficulty, the party swam back up to the surface. The black and purple light that flickered across the landscape was no more, and the air seemed purer and clearer than before. While the balls of bright light still filled the sky in place of a sun, there was a sky above it instead of what could only be likened to viewing the surface of the ocean from below.

Melentia wished to be shown to the vault, where the last of the items were, as a completion of the deal she and the party had made. The party decided to take a slightly roundabout route past the Temple of Tymora to see what had changed. As they passed by the temple, Lilthic heard faint noise above the cliff, where the Tower of Nevering was. He attempted to climb up the cliff to see what was above, but couldn't find a good route. Wilhelm then summoned his owl familiar to scout above.

Through the eyes of his familiar, Wilhelm saw humaniods – mostly humans or races of similar build – at the base of the tower. There were also groups of humanoids going along the walls that would eventually lead down into the town proper and another group going to look over the wall the loomed above the Temple of Tymora. As the owl circled overhead for about half a minute, two of the guards noticed it, and went back to three of those standing at the base of the tower. A moment later, one of them pulled a longbow and shot the owl, which dissapeared in a puff of magical smoke upon being hit.

Wilhelm was shaken from his senses and began to scream. After about a minute and a half, he had informed the party what had occurred and, most importantly, that his owl had been killed. Donald and Lilthic decided to exact revenge for this murder, and started up the wall. Donald only made it a little way, but when he tried, it revealed a route to Lilthic, who then started up the wall.

When Lilthic was halfway up, the same man who had shot the owl looked over the edge of the cliff, with his longbow half drawn, commanding Lilthic to stop. Two others with bows and four others with stones joined the man. The man asked the party who they were and why they were here, to which Lilthic replied "We're here for vengeance". The man tightened his bow.

Wilhelm tried to diffuse the situation by saying that the party was freinds of Nevrind. Not only did the man not believe that claim, but the mention of the 'chaos wizard' seemed to put him more on edge. Donald and Corsairiph also tried to explain why they had come here, that they meant no harm, and that they were here to help, but with each word, the man believed them less and began to tense more and more.

Eventually, when Donald said that they were here to help, the man seemed to take him to mean just the opposite, and fired a warning shot at Lilthic, telling him to get away. Lilthic instead climbed to the top and put his weapon in a surrendering position. The man attacked Lilthic and knocked his weapon over the cliff, stating that Lilthic had made the wrong move coming up.

Lilthic managed to intimidate the man enough into not making any further aggressive moves by revealing that he was a monk with martial training, though the man countered saying he was a Captain in the Dul Natath guard. The captain said he was going to bind Lilthic or attack again, and Lilthic agreed to be bound. The captain then demanded the rest of the party be bound. Donald almost walked away, but was stopped by Corsairiph.

One by one, the party climbed up the rope and was bound – though Wilhelm crafted an illusion to make himself appeared to be bound in manacles, which the captain fell for. The captain then sent a man to the tower. The man shortly returned, followed by a fair half-elfen woman in her late twenties and a black-garbed gnome about Wilhelm's age who wore the holy symbol of Bane.

As they approached, the gnome cast a Healing Word to close up some of Lilthic's wounds. The gnome, captain, and half-elf gather out of earshot of the party for a moment, and, after a brief conversation seemingly between the half-elf and the captain, the half-elf turned to the party. She apologized for the captain's behavior and expressed hope that they could strat somewhat fresh and try to figure out what was going one. She introduced herself as Alta Sor, the gnome as Hazdron Vital, and the captain as Martin Len.

Alta then asked for the party's names. Wilhelm, Gilly, Marcellus and Donald responded, but silence followed, and it became clear that the trust Alta had began the conversation with was quickly fading. Melissa and Corsairiph gave their names. After Alta asked for it again, Lilthic gave his name as 'Jack'.

After a brief conversation, Alta expressed that she wanted to talk to the party, since she believed they could help each other figure out what was going on. However, given the circumstances and Martin's extreme dislike of the party, she stated that the party would remain bound for the time.

The guards led the party to the first floor of the ancillary tower where the guest suites and servant quarters were located. Over the half hour that passed, people began going upstairs and returning with mattresses and materials.

Alta eventually returned and held a level headed conversation with the party, in which Wilhelm, Corsairiph, and Donald were able to convince her that they had been summoned by Nevrind here, that they were in the ruined city of Telos, and that 3000 years had passed, among other things.Wilhelm also showed her the companion cube and Nevrind's notes, but she wasn't able to understand any of it. While Alta claimed to believe them, she thought that Hazdron and Martin would need some proof that the party meant no ill will. Donald suggested having Hazdron place them in a Zone of Truth and then questioning them, which Alta agreed she would mention and would likely work, but otherwise, the party did not have anything additional that might help. Alta ordered the party's bonds be cut and asked that the party remain their under guard until the issue could be solved before heading off to see to the colony that had arrived in Telos.



Session 6: The Seed in Telos

As half the party still struggled to swim to the underground cavern in which Melentia claims that the Seed of Telos lies, Gilly and Lilthic emerged into the cavern, where Lilthic saw two troglodytes lying in wait. He spoke to them, hoping to arrange a cease fire. The creatures, seeming not understanding anything Lilthic said, attacked, now that their target was aware of them.

The party engaged the Troglodytes, all the while slowly managing to swim up into the cavern. Marcellus, who had been unintentionally hindered and then intentionally helped by Donald, was the last to arrive.

The Troglodyte grunts were easy enough for the party to dispatch. The chieftan, however, had grown immensely by comparison in bulk and abilities. Not only were its attacks more effective than its minion's, but the chieftan also seemed to posses spellcasting capabilities. In the fight, both Melissa and Lilthic were knocked unconscious by the creature. Ultimately, Wilhelm struck it with a abnormally powerful cold-based chromatic orb. The cheiftan froze over before it could unless its attack; the iced skin cracked, and the creature shattered.

The party investigated the cavern, and found a prismatic diamond shaped object in the back – the Seed Nevrind had planted in Telos. Upon approaching, a Magic Mouth spell was activated instructing the party how to activate it; the first step was to deactivate the companion cube. The party elected to wait until the next day. They also fetched Melentia, who would wait with them in the cave until they activated the seed.

For the rest of the day, the party researched the seed, sparred, and spend idle time waiting until they were tired enough to rest. They slept in shifts. Donald cut Melissa's hair to jaw height during his watch.

During his watch, Lilthic noticed Melentia was awake, and went to speak with her. The subject came across to where Lilthic called the world reasonably stable. Melentia laughed, waking most of the party, and told Lilthic that this world was wildly unstable, and anyone who didn't know how to navigate it may end up dead soon. In exchange for a like favor to be determined at another date, Melentia told Lilthic how to identify when such incidents were nearing and how to avoid it.

Come morning, the party prepared to deactivate the seed. Wilhelm opened the companion cube and deactivated the emitter. Suddenly, the full brunt of the Realm of Chaos struck the party; the air seemed to shimmer, the ground alternated between black and white, the sickly colors danced across the ceiling of the cavern, and a whisper – like a black wind – raced through their minds.

While attempting to ward off the mental and physical effects of the Realm of Chaos, the party began the ritual to activate the seed. Ultiamately, they were able to complete the task. The seed came to life, and, as if being hit by a ray of warm sun after a day in a dim, cold room, the party felt the material essence of the seed rush through their bodies. Simultaneously, the voice of Nevrind informed them that his seed would only partly restore Telos, and that a more powerful seed lay somewhere else in Tashyvar.

As for those in the cavern, Melentia has buckled to the ground, seemingly in shock, and Gilly and Wilhelm have both sustained some level of mental and physical damage, respectively. Even more, something awaits the party, when they exit that cavern; what, though, they do not know. 

Session 5: Drowning in Trouble

Just following the defeat of Imar Torbin, a fallen cleric of Kelemvor who embraced the undeath given to him by Dendar the Night Serpent, the party searched the final floor of the shelter. Wilhelm examined the items which they suspesced might be magical while the rest of the party took time to rest and tend to their wounds.

It was near dusk when the party finally made their way out of the old shelter; the specks of light that filled the sky were dimming, indicating a light level consistent with dusk – or dawn, since the lights did not dim more in the east or west. As they made their way back to the Temple of Tymora, the party heard a faint murmuring that slowly grew louder and louder. The reckoned it to be an oddity of the realm of Chaos and quickened their pace.

The murmur grew louder; Corsairiph took a moment to listen and found that it was thousands of voices speaking. The voices overlapped, but were in differing languages, some utterly alien. The voices continued to get louder, until the sound began to drown out the other senses and it seemed as if the noise clouded the party's vision and created a barrier of sound. All were able to maintain their sanity mind amidst the storm, except for Gilly and Lilthic. Gilly managed to latch onto a voice, avoiding any serious damage, though she learned literally everything about a cedar wood toy horse named Tyrell. What came of Lilthic is unknown.

The storm of voices passed, and the party recooperated and returned to the ruined Temple of Tymora. Melentia, sat at her fire with her dogs. When the players returned, she stated she was ready to accompany them into the vault. She became furious that the party entered the vault without her, as the contract she signed with Corsairiph promised that she would accompany them. However, after a proper scolding, she admitted that she still wanted them to activate the seed and did not like the idea of breaking a deal, even if she was not obligated to uphold it, and agreed to show them to the seed anyway.

The seed, Melentia revealed, was located in a cavern under the lake in Telos. It is under the guard of a Troglodyte Chieftan who worships the seed and seems to have grown abnormally strong from being with it. Since Melentia snuck in to view the seed, the chieftan has not left the seed. Additionaly, some 8-12 Troglodytes still roamed the woods. Melentia proposed sending her dogs to kill the Troglodytes and, while they were waiting, she could hold a private conversation with Melissa, Gilly, Corsairiph, and Marcellus. The party agreed.

After the conversations were complete, Marcellus approached Wilhelm and asked him what he know about magic users particularly sorcerers. Wilhelm stated that many fear sorceres as being the product of the Realm of Chaos, but he himself would be interested in meeting one and learning how their power worked. Marcellus revealed his innate magical abilities as a sorcerer. For the remainder of the evening, Wilhelm taugh Marcellus about spellcasting and helped him learn a new Wizard Ritual. Melissa and Corsariph listened in on this lesson. Lilthic was meditating. Donald and Gilly sparred for several hours. At first, the match was relatively even, though weighted to Donald, until Gilly unfortunately let her frustration get the better of her and her performance suffered. The party then rested for the evening.

Sometime during the night, the dogs returned. In the morning, Melentia led the party to the lake and the approximate location of the underground cave. She told the party she would wait above, but would like to see the seed activated, which Corsairiph agreed to inform her before they activated it.

Donald and Gilly spent time making a raft while Wilhelm employed a few methods of finding the cavern, to no avail. Marcellus spent an hour to find a crab familiar and used it to scout the area below.

The party, fully armed and fully geared jumped into the water. Marcellus, Corsairiph, and Lilthic found themselves sinking quickly, even drowning, immediately, and Donald was having difficulty swimming in his heavy armor. Gilly, unable to help, went on ahead and Lilthic joined her after getting his bearings and starting to swim again.

The remainder of the party still was having trouble swimming. Melissa tried to help Corsairiph, to no avail. Wilhelm, though, came up with the idea to scare the party into swimming faster and conjured the illusion of a large pirana. Donald, Corsairiph, and Melissa were petrified of it, though the former two managed to start swimming in spite of it. Marcellus, though spurred on by the image, could not overcome his faulty strength and continued to drown.

Meanwhile, as half their party drowned behind them, Gilly and Lilthic came into the cavern and saw two Troglodytes lying in wait.

Session 4: Wights and Zombies

The party has entered an old shelter in the ruined city of Telos, which, 3000 years ago, was used to shelter civilians when creatures from the Realm of Chaos attacked the city. Upon entering the shelter as part of an agreement with an old woman named Melentia, the party found undead skeletons inside.

After dispatching these skeletons, the party began to search through the upper level of the shelter, finding an armory, a rudimentary alchemy lab, and a forge. The party descended to the second level, after acquiring a bag of dust, a potion, and some arrows. Corsairiph unlocked the door to the second level and opened it. Immediately, he was paralyzed by a horrific scent – the scent of stale air that had long been polluted by the scent of rotted flesh.

A group of zombies saw Corsairiph and began to attack. The melee division of the party – Lilthic and Melissa – charged down to engage, being able themselves to withstand the stench in the room well enough to fight. The party slowly all made their way down to join the battle, as fighting at a range was difficult. For the most part, they were all able to withstand the stench.

The zombies proved resilient, with some able to withstand as many as eight would-be death blows, but ultimately all were felled, except for one which Melissa saw fleeing into the third level of the shelter. She wished to give pursuit, but stalled to search the remaining levels on the second level, at Donald's suggestion. 

As the conflict died down, the party noticed something; pushed against the wall, and then lightly littered throughout the large room were skeletons – skeletons belonging to hundreds of corpses. Marcellus said that, if needed, the shelter could hold as many as five hundred. That was likely how many had died here.

One room was a medical room, littered with dead. Another was kitchen with rotting rations half prepared. The final was a chapel, inhabited by two Zombies, quickly dispatched. By the altar were two broken statues, one of Tymora, and anther of Kelemvor. A skeleton had been lain deliberately behind the altar, and on top of hit was a smashed holy symbol of Kelemvor.

Donald knelt down in prayer to Umberlee. What he spoke is between him and her, but, as he prayed, a gale rushed through the bunker. The skeletons crumbled to ash, which disappeared as it blew away. 

The party now prepared to enter the third floor. Wilhelm advised they do so carefully; it was odd that a mindless Zombie would flee rather than run towards living flesh, meaning something below may be controlling them. Lilthic scouted ahead, but did so a bit too recklessly. As he entered the third level, he saw the Zombies below just as they saw him as well as their master: a wight.

The party charged down to engage in battle. Ultimately, Gilly fired the final arrow, killing the Wight. On its body, Donald found its diary, which detailed experience of a cleric of Kelemvor who was trapped in this bunker. His fear of death grew day by day, and, when he could no longer hear the voice of his god, he turned to the voice of a new one: Dendar the Night Serpent. In exchange for his killing everyone in the bunker, she would grant him life in undeath.


Session 3: A Vault in Telos

Melentia, an old hag woman the party found in the crumbling temple to Tymora, offered to tell the party the location of the Seed which Nevrind hid in Telos in exchange for the party investigating a vault and giving her any magical items that might be within. Though recognizing they had little other way of finding the Seed, the party was reluctant to accept Melentia's deal. Corsariph, with the aid of Wilhelm, drafted a contract where Melentia would reveal the location of the Seed in Telos before receiving her magical items, and, after receiving them, would reveal the hint for the location of the second Seed somewhere on the Tashyvar Islands. Additionally, she would accompany them into the vault, once opened, and then also to the Seed in Telos.

After carefully reading the contract, Melentia countered: the second Seed was never part of the deal, and she would not have it added. Secondly, she wanted half of the magical items before revealing the Seed's location. The party, after some debate, accepted this proposal, on the condition that they could examine the items first, choose which half Melentia received, and, in the even of an uneven number, keep the larger portion. Melentia signed, then used an odd gel to copy the contract, giving the party the original.

The party journeyed to an elementary school, at Melentia's direction. On the way, Marcellus remembered that this was the location of one of the shelters citizens would use in the event of an attack on the city, which meant it was probably full of people at the time of the attack, but not anymore.

On the way, the party notices a strange, clear (but not translucent) bubble that moved like a ball of water. Lilthic place a peace of paper to it, and the paper was sucked inside. The party elected not to investigate it further.

When the party reached the school, they found the old vault guarded by 3 Nothics. In the skirmish, Gilly momentarily went unconscious, before being healed by Donald, and the Nothics were killed. Wilhelm discerned that these creatures were abominations that were likely once human. Resultantly, Donald wished to burn or bury the bodies, but agreed to put it off until the investigation was complete. They found the door leading to the shelter, but, after the entire party attempted to open it, they couldn't, since the door had been magically sealed. Gilly dispelled the magic with her ring and the party ventured inside.

A few traps were in the entryway, but Donald, who entered first, noticed them, and the party avoided or thwarted them. Two sets of doors followed the entryway to the bunker. Past  the second, a row of skeletons sat inside. The party dispatched them quickly, and now stands on the first level of the bunker.





Session 2: 3000 Years Have Past

After their battle with the stone golem, the six adventurers, Corsariph the half-elf banker, Wilhelm the gnome wizard, Donald the dwarfen cleric, Lilthic the elven monk, Gilly the halfling slave turned ranger, and Melissa the human fighter, found a strange, black crystal. Unable to discern the entirety of its nature, they left it alone, and journeyed upstairs for a clue of where they might be.

The reached the top room of the tower, which seemed to be the personal quarters, library, and laboratory of whoever lived here. Like the downstairs room, it was ransacked, with only a few painting remaining. Upon investigation, Donald found that two paintings were missing, and that someone had been in this room in the past month or two.

After searching the remaining levels of the tower, utterly baffled as to what any of the other levels could be, they stepped outside. The sky was lit not by a sun, but by thousands of specks of light which, together, provided the brightness of the sun without any of its warmth. Above those specks, the sky was a blackish purple and seemed to move up and down like a wave. Ahead, they saw a city, old, besieged, and in ruins. Wilhelm had read of a similar city: Telos, the city of the arcmage Nevrind, which this seemed to be.

Aside from the tower from which they had come, there was one other, nearby, that seemed to be living quarters for guests of Nevrind. They spent the night there. In the morning, Donald brought the party back to the strange crystal, and used the Dispel Magic spell in the Ring of Spell Storing, given by Kelemvor, to dispel the magic about the crystal, which then reverted to boy in mage robes, around the age of sixteen. The boy, Marcellus, was a servant of one of the wizards of the tower, and, to his last memory, he was running an errand for Nevrind, and the city Telos was fighting off invaders. After Lilthic, Donald, and Wilhelm calmed Marcellus down, he gave Donald a Letter from Nevrind, which, in short, informed the players that the Realm of Chaos has destroyed the material land. Three thousand years have since past, and, if the players wish to restore the material land, they must activate seeds which he has lain through Sarlona, one of which is in Telos, and another of which is on the Tashyvar Isles.

At Marcellus's suggestion, the party went to the ruined Temple of Tymora to look for the seed, where they were met with an old humanoid woman dressed in rags with orange-brown skin and deep pock marks on her face and hands. She introduced herself as Melentia. She had come to Telos because the magic barriers on the city had recently fallen, and she though she might find something interesting. She found the two pictures in Nevrind's study, which she believes details the locations of the seeds. In exchange for the players opening a vault for her and allowing her any magical items within, she will tell them the location of the seed in Telos.

Session 1: A Tide of Mist

A seemingly normal day was passing as six unsuspecting peoples went about their day. Lightning began streaking across the sky, and three creatures, a skeletal hound, black snake, and a man made of flames appeared in that sky, battling the lighting that was hurled at them.

As this spectacle occurred, a mist surrounded each of this six, and they found themselves in a endless expanse of grey fog, completely alone. Outside the fog, was a distant battle, and a voice. It was a man, who seemed to be evaluating each of the six and complaining that he had been forgetful as of late and that he believe he would have more time. A sudden pressure began to tighten around the six, almost killing them, but the voice yelled an incantation in primordial, and the pressure eased. He said another, and the fog began to move, this time, with a black void at the end.

They saw three things, first, a woman made of water, bound in chains. Then, a bloodied woman in golden robes. Both fell to the void. The last was a man, whom they recognized as the god Kelemvor. Kelemvor informed them that the gods were in chains, and that the Realm of Chaos had returned. He gave them each a ring, with the instructions that they would go to the tower of Nevrind, after which they would use the ring to dispel . . . something. He was injured before he could finish that thought. He lastly urged the players, that, when strong enough, they must free him first of the gods, as he would have power left.

After what seemed several days, the mist faded, and they found themselves in a dark room that appeared to be an old laboratory. They explored the building, finding three other laboratories, all of which were ransacked, destroyed and appeared not to have been used for quite some time. From what they could gather, these seemed to be laboratories associated with the powerful mage Nevrind, perhaps being in his tower.

Eventually, they came to the center of the floor, where they were attacked by a stone golem which, for some reason, had deteriorated and was weakened, as well as two of the seven set of armor that were in the room. When the golem was destroyed, they saw it had been built around a large, black crystal that had properties similar to that of an immovable rod. The crystal also had the elvish signature "Nevrind", much like the rings they had been given.

Unable to discern the nature or purpose of the crystal, these six, a banker, a slave turned ranger, a fighter, a monk, a cleric, and a wizard began making their way upstairs to try and learn where and when they might be, and what in the world has occurred.


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