The world has ceased to be, at least as you remember it. The great Realm of Chaos has invaded, destroying your world and replacing it with its own. The people are dead. The gods have been tied in shackles, their power all but spent. The world is now an expanse of chaos.

            But, there is hope. Just before this calamity, with the help of the fleeting gods, a powerful wizard placed a seed of a spell that would preserve the parts of the world and its peoples, leaving it suspended in time waiting for one day when someone might activate this seed and bring the material world back to life.

            Someone needed to arrive, though, who could make this come to pass. The wizard cast another spell that would hold five adventurers on a harmless, timeless demi-plane until the powers of the Realm of Chaos were lesser and the strength of his seed greater. These adventurers would be brought into the world, and they would activate the seed, restoring the material plane, free the gods from their shackles, and destroy the masters of this Realm of Chaos.

The Shadow of Chaos

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