The Shadow of Chaos

Session 3: A Vault in Telos

Arc: The Seed of Telos

Melentia, an old hag woman the party found in the crumbling temple to Tymora, offered to tell the party the location of the Seed which Nevrind hid in Telos in exchange for the party investigating a vault and giving her any magical items that might be within. Though recognizing they had little other way of finding the Seed, the party was reluctant to accept Melentia's deal. Corsariph, with the aid of Wilhelm, drafted a contract where Melentia would reveal the location of the Seed in Telos before receiving her magical items, and, after receiving them, would reveal the hint for the location of the second Seed somewhere on the Tashyvar Islands. Additionally, she would accompany them into the vault, once opened, and then also to the Seed in Telos.

After carefully reading the contract, Melentia countered: the second Seed was never part of the deal, and she would not have it added. Secondly, she wanted half of the magical items before revealing the Seed's location. The party, after some debate, accepted this proposal, on the condition that they could examine the items first, choose which half Melentia received, and, in the even of an uneven number, keep the larger portion. Melentia signed, then used an odd gel to copy the contract, giving the party the original.

The party journeyed to an elementary school, at Melentia's direction. On the way, Marcellus remembered that this was the location of one of the shelters citizens would use in the event of an attack on the city, which meant it was probably full of people at the time of the attack, but not anymore.

On the way, the party notices a strange, clear (but not translucent) bubble that moved like a ball of water. Lilthic place a peace of paper to it, and the paper was sucked inside. The party elected not to investigate it further.

When the party reached the school, they found the old vault guarded by 3 Nothics. In the skirmish, Gilly momentarily went unconscious, before being healed by Donald, and the Nothics were killed. Wilhelm discerned that these creatures were abominations that were likely once human. Resultantly, Donald wished to burn or bury the bodies, but agreed to put it off until the investigation was complete. They found the door leading to the shelter, but, after the entire party attempted to open it, they couldn't, since the door had been magically sealed. Gilly dispelled the magic with her ring and the party ventured inside.

A few traps were in the entryway, but Donald, who entered first, noticed them, and the party avoided or thwarted them. Two sets of doors followed the entryway to the bunker. Past  the second, a row of skeletons sat inside. The party dispatched them quickly, and now stands on the first level of the bunker.







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