The Shadow of Chaos

Session 16: Assault on Gazeshore

Arc: Diplomacy in Gath

Weary from the battles and negotiations that the day had brought, the party went about their own devices following their six hour negotiation with Viala. Most went to sleep immediately, or two spend time in their respective rooms. Only Gilly and Wilhelm did anything of note; the former memorized the maps which Viala had given for their review and Wilhelm began the long process of fully fixing the Companion Cube.

Early in the morning, before the lights in the sky had begun to shine again, the party awoke hearing a distant but growing conflict. Donald could see a small conflict in the farmlands from his window, but Wilhelm looked out his window, which overlooked the residencies, and was able to make out fires, battle, and snake people: the Yuan-Ti.

 Wilhelm woke Marcellus, and after a minute, the two had gathered their weapons. Lilthic was waiting in the hallway to speak to Wilhelm about something, but when Wilhelm conveyed the urgency of the situation, Lilthic followed him and Marcellus out of the inn.

Meanwhile, both Donald and Melissa, who had misjudged the urgency of the battle, began strapping on their armor, with the assistance of the three ghosts. Corsairiph also left his room a little late, but after checking in on both Melissa and Donald, went off towards the battle.

As Wilhelm, Lilthic, and Marcellus left the inn, they were met by Viala, who was coming out of her home to investigate the conflict. Though the battle was initially blocked by the inner wall of Gazeshore, the four quickly came to the opening where they saw not three hundred feet away the fires and the battle, and they broke out into a sprint.

Lilthic, who was faster than the rest, and Wilhelm, whose spells had recently taken an exceptionally long range, were able to engage in the battle soonest. As they neared, they saw a horde of Yuan-Ti Broodguards under the command of Malisons and a Nightmare Speaker. The Empthery guards who had been at the conflict from the start were nearly exhausted. Among the fray, they also saw Gilly.

Gilly had fallen asleep in her armor and began running the moment she heard the conflict. On her own, she had been slowing the Yuan-Ti's advance, but now, as the Empthery on the front lines were falling and the Yuan-Ti were turning their eyes to the halfling archer, she was beginning to fall back.

As Wilhelm, Marcellus, Lilthic, and Viala (along with some Empthery she called to her aid) joined Gilly on the battlefield, the tide of the battle slowly began to turn into the favor of the party; Gilly held at bay the Yuan-Ti forces who were attempting to flank the party; Lilthic engaged the front line of brood guards, and Wilhelm, Marcellus and Viala provided support with their ranged spells and area of effect magic.

As the battle waned, Marcellus and Gilly fell (later healed by Corsairiph), but, ultimately Wilhelm dealt a killing blow to Nightmare Speaker with his magic missile while she futilely tried to hide behind the fallen bodies on the battlefield, and Viala bared her claws and teeth as she took to shredding the opponents still on the battlefield, showing the party that the claws on her face could be used for burrowing into an opponent's flesh.

In the aftermath of the conflict, Viala left to survey the rest of her colony while the party stayed behind to rest and recooperate. Donald, who arrived as the fight was ending, tended to the Empthery who had fallen, saving several who would have otherwise died.

As they stood among the dead, the ghosts appeared. Rienna yelled "She's coming!", and the three fled into Melissa, Donald, and Corsairiph. Several moments passed. Then, a faint whisper, noticeable only to those possessed by the ghosts, filled the air, increasing to a horrible, vapid howling shriek. Dread overcame the possessed. Then, the felt a tug; something pulling upon the ghosts inhabiting them. Corsairiph and Melissa were able to keep the ghosts inside of them with the strength of their sanity. For Donald, however, it was too much, and he reflexively tried to cast out Avi, who inhabited him; but she kept her hold on him. The dread howl grew fainter, and the oppressive darkness lightened. One could only assume that Dendar, the Night Serpent, God of the Yuan-Ti had come and passed.



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