The Shadow of Chaos

Session 4: Wights and Zombies

Arc: The Seed of Telos

The party has entered an old shelter in the ruined city of Telos, which, 3000 years ago, was used to shelter civilians when creatures from the Realm of Chaos attacked the city. Upon entering the shelter as part of an agreement with an old woman named Melentia, the party found undead skeletons inside.

After dispatching these skeletons, the party began to search through the upper level of the shelter, finding an armory, a rudimentary alchemy lab, and a forge. The party descended to the second level, after acquiring a bag of dust, a potion, and some arrows. Corsairiph unlocked the door to the second level and opened it. Immediately, he was paralyzed by a horrific scent – the scent of stale air that had long been polluted by the scent of rotted flesh.

A group of zombies saw Corsairiph and began to attack. The melee division of the party – Lilthic and Melissa – charged down to engage, being able themselves to withstand the stench in the room well enough to fight. The party slowly all made their way down to join the battle, as fighting at a range was difficult. For the most part, they were all able to withstand the stench.

The zombies proved resilient, with some able to withstand as many as eight would-be death blows, but ultimately all were felled, except for one which Melissa saw fleeing into the third level of the shelter. She wished to give pursuit, but stalled to search the remaining levels on the second level, at Donald's suggestion. 

As the conflict died down, the party noticed something; pushed against the wall, and then lightly littered throughout the large room were skeletons – skeletons belonging to hundreds of corpses. Marcellus said that, if needed, the shelter could hold as many as five hundred. That was likely how many had died here.

One room was a medical room, littered with dead. Another was kitchen with rotting rations half prepared. The final was a chapel, inhabited by two Zombies, quickly dispatched. By the altar were two broken statues, one of Tymora, and anther of Kelemvor. A skeleton had been lain deliberately behind the altar, and on top of hit was a smashed holy symbol of Kelemvor.

Donald knelt down in prayer to Umberlee. What he spoke is between him and her, but, as he prayed, a gale rushed through the bunker. The skeletons crumbled to ash, which disappeared as it blew away. 

The party now prepared to enter the third floor. Wilhelm advised they do so carefully; it was odd that a mindless Zombie would flee rather than run towards living flesh, meaning something below may be controlling them. Lilthic scouted ahead, but did so a bit too recklessly. As he entered the third level, he saw the Zombies below just as they saw him as well as their master: a wight.

The party charged down to engage in battle. Ultimately, Gilly fired the final arrow, killing the Wight. On its body, Donald found its diary, which detailed experience of a cleric of Kelemvor who was trapped in this bunker. His fear of death grew day by day, and, when he could no longer hear the voice of his god, he turned to the voice of a new one: Dendar the Night Serpent. In exchange for his killing everyone in the bunker, she would grant him life in undeath.




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