Diplomacy in Gath

Hazdron Vital expressed a concern that the colonists who came to Telos after the activation of the first seed would not have enough food to eat rather soon. As such, he contracted the party to hunt and acquire meat. See Hunting for Hazdron for more details.

Wilhelm proposed a potential solution; the party could journey to a nearby town which Melentia had said was inhabited to try and negotiate a trade deal between the colony and the party. The town, called Gath, is also the hometown of Marcellus.

Hazdron accepted this contract. The following day, the party set off for the Torbin Woods. In the woods, they encountered three ghosts who told the party that Gath was inhabited by the Empthery and presided over by an Empkaorti. Furthermore, they revealed that the Empthery are former humanoid races transformed and mutated by the Realm of Chaos. As such, despite the Empkaorti being cruel creatures, they did have a structured society with which the party could negotiate. The party decided to continue with the quest and managed to convince the three ghosts to aid them.

After some planning, the party agreed to enter the town openly, with the three ghosts lurking in the Shadow Tide to act if needed. Upon reaching the town, they were confronted by four Empthrax. After the negotiations seemed to be going nowhere, Donald signaled for the ghost Man to possess the Empthrax. Man was successful, and he ordered that the party be brought to the leader of the town, Viala.

The party met with Viala that evening as a formality, where she mentioned that one of the chief product of Gath was cloaks made from Gazebos, and electrical jellyfish that lived in the lake. After the convesation, Lilthic convinced the party that it would give them some bargaining power if they were to acquire the tentacles of the Gazebo Alpha, which Viala admitted her Empthery had been unable to do. The party made out to the lake, and successfully acquired the tentacles, while almost dying in the process. As they returned to the shore, it seems their stunt had, if nothing else, earned Viala's respect, as she stated she looked forward to negotiating with them later that afternoon.

The party then met with Viala, and formed and negotiated a contract by which a line of balance of credit would be established for the Colony at Telos and trade would be opened between the two places. See Trade Agreement Between Gazeshore and the Colony at Telos for more details. In order to secure this, Viala asked for a favor: that the party stop a ritual that the Yuan-Ti are performing in the jungle. See Let Yuall-Be Anathema for additional details.

Corsairiph has returned to warn the colony of the Yuan-Ti. He copied the contract to show Hazdron that a deal was made.

After stopping the Yuan-Ti, the party returned to Gazeshore to find Viala had summoned Economic Minister Byron to finalize the deal they had made with the whole of the Kingdom of Tashyr, though he was skeptical of what this alliance might bring. The party returned to Telos with a supply of food and wares.

Status: Complete

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In Game Days to Complete: 31

Number of Sessions to Complete: 14


Diplomacy in Gath

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