Diplomacy in Gath

Hazdron Vital expressed a concern that the colonists who came to Telos after the activation of the first seed would not have enough food to eat rather soon. As such, he contracted the party to hunt and acquire meat. See Hunting for Hazdron for more detailes.

Wilhelm proposed a potential solution; the party could journey to a nearby town which Melentia had said was inhabited to try and negotiate a trade deal between the colony and the party. The town, called Gath, is also the hometown of Marcellus.

Hazdron accepted this contract. The following day, the party set off for the Torbin Woods.

Status: Current Quest

Related Side Quests: Hunting for Hazdron

In Game Days to Complete: 1

Number of Sessions to Complete: 1

References: Hunter and Ambassador Contract – With Hazdron

Diplomacy in Gath

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