Hunter and Ambassador Contract - With Hazdron

This contract has two agreements within it:

Until the colony is no longer in need of food, leather, and fletching supplies, as decided by Hazdron or another to whom the authority has been officially delegated, the following prices will be offered for meat, feathers, and hide secured by the party:

1GP for every 50lbs of meat

1GP for hide enough to make a set of clothes (as fitted to an average sized human)

1SP for every 30 feathers usable for making arrows

The second part concerns your being employed as official ambassadors of the colony for the purposes of securing a trade agreement with a nearby town approximately 40 miles away.

2SP per mile, which would amount to 160SP (16GP)

60GP if the party is unsuccessful and can provide proof that they attempted to make an agreement but were unable

150GP in the event the party is successful

The price offered is the individual price per person (ie, for 50lbs of meat, each party member will get 1GP). In lieu of gold, the charges will be added to a line of credit for the party. Once the colony has acquired its own store of gold, the party will be reimbursed for their expenses.

Hunter and Ambassador Contract - With Hazdron

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